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We love treating ourselves or a lucky friend to a good scented candle! Elevating our home fragrance does wonders and definitely puts us in the right mood, whether it’s setting up a romantic dinner, getting cosy to binge Netflix or having our space smelling fresh when working from home. Shopping for candles can be a tad bit overwhelming (there are simply so many options!) — so from local brands offering soy-based wax to international favourites, here’s where to buy candles in Hong Kong. Read more here.

A Hearty Welcome to Castelbel Porto!

Your love for quality skincare and home fragrance products made with love has brought us to K11 MUSEA – A Muse By The Sea.
We have many special promotions and offers at the pop-up store, come and check it out at the weekend bazaar, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

We will be showcasing our entire line of skincare and fragrance products and our special edition launches. 
We will be featuring the new White Crane collection, our New Spring 2022 launch, a range of handcrafted ceramic diffuser candles with spring fragrance of citrus – Yuzu & Vetiver.

Our products capture the aromas, colors, and ambiance of a simultaneously traditional and trendy country, where the warm sun and blue ocean nourish the soul and comfort the spirit, inspired by the idyllic scenery of the Douro River Valley and combining traditional methods of production with the highest quality raw materials.
The care and attention we put into our products make them a truly affordable luxury that many people use daily, whether as a gift for loved ones or to scent and decorate their home or workspace.
With the motto "affordable luxury" in mind, all our products are Made in Portugal and feature premium raw materials and exclusive European fragrances. Even today, our expert team curates, designs, manufactures, and hand wraps them with love at our factory in Porto, near the Douro River valley in Northern Portugal, where the hills fall steeply down to the water's edge. The land is covered in sun-drenched terraces of vines and olive groves.
We appreciate your continued support and hope you will return to your favorite fragrance & lifestyle store. 
Read more about Castelbel.

You can now find Castelbel & Portus Cale products in our dedicated Castelbel stores in TKO (MCP Mall) & Diamond Hill (Plaza Hollywood) and +25 counters in select stores, hotels, and gifts shops & spas across Kowloon & Hong Kong.
In 2020 we launched this entire website, our dedicated Castelbel online shop https://castelbel.hk/

Keep an eye out for new product launches every quarter and our exciting new Christmas collections, which make great stocking stuffers at the end of the year.
Feel free to call or WhatsApp us on +852 63884398 to discover our new product launches and corporate/special occasion gifting, personalized soaps, and hampers.

Recharge your batteries with your favorite scents

During the sunny time of the year, there’s nothing quite like basking in the sunshine and getting some deserved R&R – and refill your diffusers with the new Castelbel and Portus Cale fragrance diffuser refills!

Castelbel refills have a stylish new look

It’s true! We’ve upgraded the design of our refill bottles to a more elegant one, from transparent plastic to environmentally friendly stylish aluminum bottles – but don’t worry, we haven’t changed a single aromatic note in the perfumes you so love!

Castelbel - Portus Cale Gold & Blue Room Fragrance Diffuser Refill
Castelbel – Portus Cale Gold & Blue Room Fragrance Diffuser Refill

Why use Castelbel and Portus Cale refills?

Because our fragrance diffusers are meant to be recharged! The fragrance refills allow you to refill your Portus Cale or Castelbel diffusers with your favorite scents. These refills are available in two sizes: 250mL (made specifically for 100mL or 250ml diffuser bottles) and 900mL (ideal for 2 litre bottles or various smaller diffusers). Each diffuser fragrance is alcohol-free, which allows for a long-lasting aroma. Because every moment is better with a wondrous aroma…

Can I use the refills in any Castelbel or Portus Cale diffuser?

Of course! This is why we have diffusers in various colors and sizes – so you can personalize your space with a fragrant decoration piece that matches the room’s décor. Ceramic bottles with designs inspired by Portuguese tiles, bottles in festive red glass or in luxurious purple, classic clear glass diffusers… Choose your favorite diffuser, add a different fragrance and discover your new favorite combination!

Castelbel - Ambiente Lavender Room Fragrance Diffuser Refill
Castelbel – Ambiente Lavender Room Fragrance Diffuser Refill

How do you Refill a Fragrance Diffuser?

It’s so easy! But before you start refilling your diffuser, kindly note the following:

a) Never mix new liquid with old liquid; please wait until the remaining perfume evaporates before refilling;
b) You should always wash your diffuser glass with water and detergent and, after it is completely dry, with acetone or alcohol;
c) Never add water to the diffuser liquid.

Be careful when refilling your diffuser bottle. Do not reuse the reed sticks; please use the sticks provided with the fragrance refill every time you refill your diffuser.
Bring a special touch to your favorite space and relax in the company of those you love with Castelbel and Portus Cale fragrances.

The Road to Sustainability Starts with a Single Soap

We are not just a luxury brand of home and body fragrances – every day we also strive to make ourselves sustainable. Here are some of the steps we took this far to make Castelbel and Portus Cale even better:

Olive Oil and Coconut Oil Soap Base

We are gradually switching from palm oil to an Olive and Coconut Oils – derived soap base. By using coconut and olive oils, we are not just improving our environmental sustainability, but also enjoying the benefits of superior products: soaps with all that Castelbel quality, now with a creamier, more luxurious and richer lather that cleanses, fragrances and cares for your skin. In other words, soaps that are gifts for you and to the planet!


Castelbel Ambiente Cotton Flower Fragranced Soap
Castelbel Ambiente Cotton Flower Fragranced Soap

Cruelty-Free and Vegan Products

In addition to being dermatologically tested, our Portus Cale body care products are NOT tested on animals. All our soaps are made with a 100% vegetable base. Most of our soaps are vegan, as well as all our hand creams and body lotions.

Castelbel Portus Cale Black Edition Fragranced Soap
Castelbel Portus Cale Black Edition Fragranced Soap

More Sustainable Raw and Subsidiary Materials

We get most of our resources directly from both domestic and EU suppliers, which reduces long-distance shipping and our carbon footprint. In addition to using FSC-certified paper to wrap most of our soaps, we try to use as much sustainable raw and subsidiary materials as possible in the making of our products. Our sachets, for instance, are filled with Portuguese cork, a 100% natural, biodegradable and renewable resource.

Are you working from home? We have a few tips and tricks to make your telecommuting experience better!

Working from home can be a nightmare. There’s no place like home, after all – for procrastination, that is. That cosy spot on the sofa that is perfect for naps, the episodes you’re yet to watch from that series that leaves you on the edge of the seat, the coffee breaks that seem to multiply with no end in sight. In short, all the small things that add up to make telecommuting a massive headache. Fortunately, we are here to help with some tricks and tips – and with a pinch of Castelbel’s fragrant magic, of course!

Good sleep practices and a good work-life balance.

Being well rested is the cornerstone to a healthy life – and doubly so when your workplace is your home. Resist the urge of replying to those few e-mails after work hours or on days off. Off work time is you time after all; make the most of it and spend it with those you love – be it in person or via the internet. And, above all, get a good night’s rest. Comfy pillows, 8 hours of sleep, warm blankets, cell phones off – the whole nine yards! And if you’re looking for a delicate & relaxing scent to help you fall asleep, why not try our Portus Cale Black Orchid Room Fragrance Spray? Just spray your sheets before going to sleep, get comfy, inhale, exhale and… Sweet dreams!

Castelbel Room Spray - Work from home essentials

Morning rituals to get you pumped for the day ahead

Whether you’re the kind of person who likes to start their day with a good workout or someone who enjoys nursing their coffee in silence while taking in the glorious early morning sun, your morning ritual are important to make the workday run smoothly. And, of course, no morning ritual is complete without an invigorating shower. Since you now live at the office – and we mean that literally – treat yourself to a longer bath once in a while, made even better with our range of Hand & Body Washes and Body Lotions. From classic scents, such as Rose and Verbena, to exotic combinations, such as Pink Pepper & Jasmine, we have something to make you start your day with the right foot – and the right scent!

Choose your workspace wisely.

Choosing where to work can mean the difference between getting stuff done and spacing out for four hours. Pick a place that’s comfortable (but not too comfortable) and well lit. Unclutter your workspace, block social media and only have your phone on hand if you really need it. And to help you keep focus, why not add a fragrant touch to your workspace with our Room Fragrances for the home? Dull, rainy weather? Get yourself some tropical joy with the scent of our Coconut Fragrance Diffuser!

Castelbel Coconut Fragrance Diffuser - Work from home essentials

Stressful day? Light a Lavender Aromatic Candle and let its soft floral aroma fill your senses and help you relax… See what else we have in store to make your day go smoother (and faster!).

Castelbel Lavender Aromatic Candle - Work from home essentials
Take care

Winter is just around the corner and now, more than ever, it’s important to take care of yourself – even at home. Hours of writing emails or writing and rewriting that presentation on the computer, along with the cold weather, can lead to chapped dry hands. But don’t worry – we’re here to help! Keep your hands moisturised and cared for with our Hand Creams! As they are fast absorbing, they are perfect to use while you are at the computer, without wasting a second! And the range of perfumes is so wonderful.

Stay safe, stay motivated, at home or at the office. And, of course, have a great day at work!

We are delighted to announce the winners of our 2016 Chinese New Year Giveaway!

Congratulations to Sarah Polden Francis who wins the beautifully packaged “Ruby Red Aromatic Candle” from Portugal’s No:1 Home, Bath & Body fragrance brand : Castelbel.

Congratulations also to Lorisa Lau, the second winner of our giveaway. Lorisa wins the Ambiente White Jasmine’ Fragranced Soap.

If you are one of the winner, message us on our Facebook Page here. CONGRATULATIONS!

Continue Reading “Announcement: Winners of CNY Giveaway!”

[最後召集 – 新年有獎遊戲 ]
想將這款聞起來甜甜, 看起來又如藝術品的Portus Cale Ruby Red 香薰蠟燭帶回家? 記得把握最後一天, 參加遊戲吧!

We are delighted to announce that Maven has opened a new store in Sai Kung to match the demand for high quality Home Decor, Home Fragrance, Bath & Body and fashion products from the Sai Kung community.

Maven’s Sai Kung store will be stocking the latest products from Castelbel Porto, ZOD! Shirts, our collections of bed linens, cushion covers are more. We are very excited for Maven’s new beginning in Sai Kung and invite all our fans to the store opening on the 2nd January 2016.


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