Are you working from home? We have a few tips and tricks to make your telecommuting experience better!

Working from home can be a nightmare. There’s no place like home, after all – for procrastination, that is. That cosy spot on the sofa that is perfect for naps, the episodes you’re yet to watch from that series that leaves you on the edge of the seat, the coffee breaks that seem to multiply with no end in sight. In short, all the small things that add up to make telecommuting a massive headache. Fortunately, we are here to help with some tricks and tips – and with a pinch of Castelbel’s fragrant magic, of course!

Good sleep practices and a good work-life balance.

Being well rested is the cornerstone to a healthy life – and doubly so when your workplace is your home. Resist the urge of replying to those few e-mails after work hours or on days off. Off work time is you time after all; make the most of it and spend it with those you love – be it in person or via the internet. And, above all, get a good night’s rest. Comfy pillows, 8 hours of sleep, warm blankets, cell phones off – the whole nine yards! And if you’re looking for a delicate & relaxing scent to help you fall asleep, why not try our Portus Cale Black Orchid Room Fragrance Spray? Just spray your sheets before going to sleep, get comfy, inhale, exhale and… Sweet dreams!

Castelbel Room Spray - Work from home essentials

Morning rituals to get you pumped for the day ahead

Whether you’re the kind of person who likes to start their day with a good workout or someone who enjoys nursing their coffee in silence while taking in the glorious early morning sun, your morning ritual are important to make the workday run smoothly. And, of course, no morning ritual is complete without an invigorating shower. Since you now live at the office – and we mean that literally – treat yourself to a longer bath once in a while, made even better with our range of Hand & Body Washes and Body Lotions. From classic scents, such as Rose and Verbena, to exotic combinations, such as Pink Pepper & Jasmine, we have something to make you start your day with the right foot – and the right scent!

Choose your workspace wisely.

Choosing where to work can mean the difference between getting stuff done and spacing out for four hours. Pick a place that’s comfortable (but not too comfortable) and well lit. Unclutter your workspace, block social media and only have your phone on hand if you really need it. And to help you keep focus, why not add a fragrant touch to your workspace with our Room Fragrances for the home? Dull, rainy weather? Get yourself some tropical joy with the scent of our Coconut Fragrance Diffuser!

Castelbel Coconut Fragrance Diffuser - Work from home essentials

Stressful day? Light a Lavender Aromatic Candle and let its soft floral aroma fill your senses and help you relax… See what else we have in store to make your day go smoother (and faster!).

Castelbel Lavender Aromatic Candle - Work from home essentials
Take care

Winter is just around the corner and now, more than ever, it’s important to take care of yourself – even at home. Hours of writing emails or writing and rewriting that presentation on the computer, along with the cold weather, can lead to chapped dry hands. But don’t worry – we’re here to help! Keep your hands moisturised and cared for with our Hand Creams! As they are fast absorbing, they are perfect to use while you are at the computer, without wasting a second! And the range of perfumes is so wonderful.

Stay safe, stay motivated, at home or at the office. And, of course, have a great day at work!