Castelbel is a Portuguese company headquartered in the Greater Porto area specialising in the manufacture of fine toiletry soaps and other luxury fragranced products for the home and body.

Castelbel Maven Logo GifA Unique Inspiration….

Inspired by the idyllic scenery of the Douro River Valley and combining traditional methods of production with the highest quality raw materials, our products capture the aromas, colours and ambience of a simultaneously traditional and trendy country, where the warm sun and blue ocean nourish the soul and comfort the spirit.

What sets us apart….”affordable luxury

The dedication and attention we put into our products make them a true affordable luxury, which many people use daily, whether as a gift to their loved ones or simply to scent and decorate their home or workspace.

Keeping the motto “affordable luxury”, all our products are Made in Portugal and feature premium raw materials using exclusive fragrances from Europe. They are curated, designed, manufactured and hand wrapped with love by our expert team even today at our factory in Porto near the valley of the Douro river in Northern Portugal, where the hills fall steeply down to the water’s edge and the land is covered with sun-drenched terraces of vines and olive groves.

Our history …

The name Castelbel derived from the combination of the name of the small town where the company has always been located (“Castêlo da Maia”) and the Portuguese word for beauty (“beleza”).

Castelbel started their activity at the end of 1999 to manufacture high-quality artisanal soaps for the US market only. By placing a strong emphasis on both tradition and innovation, Castelbel grew in a sustained way, starting from 9 workers in 1999, to over 200 workers (mostly women) nowadays. By relying on a team of experienced chemists, chemical engineers and designers, it has allowed the company to become technically and creatively sound and to continuously create new exquisite products to add to our already rich catalogue (we now have over 500 products in our range) and increase our global market share.

By 2005, while already being world-renowned for the excellence of our soaps, Castelbel had introduced and made famous their two brands Castelbel and Portus Cale. Nowadays the two brands identify as a series of products besides soaps. Such as fragranced candles, drawer liners and sachets; fragrance diffusers and room sprays; fragranced hand creams, shower gels and body lotions. In 2021 a third  brand ”Alma Lusa”  is being created especially for the Mainland Chinese market.

Castelbel is currently Portugal’s No. 1 Home Fragrance, Bath & Body products company.

Worldwide presence…..and Hong Kong story

Castelbel has grown to +1,000 points of sale around the world in +60 countries.  The Castelbel online lifestyle store for Europe was launched in Portugal five years ago. The Asian presence commenced in Japan, Korea & Taiwan and was brought to Hong Kong by “Maven” which had their own online lifestyle shop showcasing products from exclusive designers from India & ‘Portugal, in 2015.

You can now find Castelbel & Portus Cale products in our dedicated  Castelbel  stores in TKO (MCP Mall)  & Diamond Hill  (Plaza Hollywood) as well as in +25 counters in select stores, hotels gifts shops & spas across Kowloon & Hong Kong.

In 2020 we launched this exclusive website which is our dedicated Castelbel online shop.

Keep on the lookout for new product launches every quarter and our exciting new Christmas collections which make amazing stocking fillers at the end of each  year.

Feel free to call or whatsapp us on +852 63884398 to discover our new product launches and corporate/special occasion gifting, personalized soaps and hampers

We thank you for your continued patronage and hope you keep returning to your favourite online fragrance & lifestyle store.