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Portus Cale Gold & Blue Fragranced Soap


Fragrance Note: Top notes of pink pepper, jasmine and base notes of amber, patchouli and musk.

The whole Gold & Blue collection is inspired by the Portuguese tiles. The soap is a beauty and great for bathrooms which are minimal in design.

150 g


  1. 100% vegetable base, derived from coconut and palm oils.
  2. Addition of shea butter to increase smoothness and moisturizing power
  3. Triple milling (soap paste is laminated by 4 stainless steel rolls, eliminating any grain that might exist) to increase
  4. consistency and compactness (so that the soap doesn’t melt or crumble on the soap dish, even when in contact with water)
  5. Soft and creamy lather
  6. Exclusive and high-quality fragrance, manufactured in the European Union, which lasts throughout the entire life of the soap.
  7. Handmade stamping and packaging alongside a rigorous quality control to ensure perfection of the product

Advantages of Soaps:

  1. Easier to handle
  2. ?High quality?soap lasts for longer than a shower gel
  3. Soap has a softer and more delicate sensation on the skin.
  4. Rich and creamy lather.
  5. lasts up to 6-8 weeks.
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