Portus Cale Gold & Blue

The inspiration comes from the Portuguese tiles that graced the walls of most luxurious Portuguese palaces for long periods of time; Portus Cale Gold & Blue is our very first ceramic collection. The striking combination of gold and the blue-white color scheme transforms this body and home perfumery collection into an ideal addition to any decor.

An essential component of this range, ceramics give shape and life to Gold & Blue. Each ceramic is meticulously handcrafted by skilled Portuguese artisans, following age-old techniques that span from shaping to gilding. Notably, the exquisite floral patterns in various shades of blue on white ceramic pay homage to the traditional color palette of Portuguese tiles. If the Gold & Blue design intrigues the mind, its fragrance enraptures the heart. The scent of this collection is a purposeful selection, deeply infused with the spirit of Portugal. Jasmine, the parfumiers’ favourite flower, is a common sight in both grand gardens and modest backyards throughout Portugal, scenting moments with its floral, complex, and mysterious notes. Pink Pepper holds a historical significance, harking back to the Age of Discoveries, as a rare and cherished spice originating from South America. Its unique freshness and lively aromatic notes make it the perfect choice to ensure that Gold & Blue's fragrance remains unforgettable.