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Special Editions Love Birds Apricot Flower Soap


The Apricot Flower soap from the Love Birds Collection consists of sweet and musky apricot flower scents. These soaps add that special touch and a delicate aroma to closets, drawers and suitcases. And once the fragrance fades away, the soap can be used as a soap-on-a-rope!

Know someone with a huge wardrobe? Buy this as a gift for her/him.


  1. Fragrance Note: Delicate notes of apricot flower and other orchid.
  2. Use for closet/wardrobe fragrance.
  3. use as high moisturizing soap once fragrance starts fading,
  4. Contains No Preservatives
  5. Longer lasting than normal soaps due to natural ingredients.
  6. High durability when in contact with water
  7. Laser-cut packaging.

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Apricot Flower


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