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Special Editions Gourmet Collection Donkey Milk Soap


Cleopatra – the most beautiful woman ever and the queen of the Nile had a beauty secret – she used to bathe in Donkey’s milk.

Scents of fresh cream and musk.

This collection contains some of the most popular gourmet fragrances and has been inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, vineyards, gardens and the seaside. Each of these soaps weighs 200g and is wrapped in paper with stamped out crochet motifs.

Each time you use a soap from this collection, you take a trip to the Mediterranean – without leaving your home.



  • Fragrance Note: Fresh cream and musk.
  • Contains No Preservatives
  • Longer lasting than normal soaps due to natural ingredients.
  • High durability when in contact with water
  • Beautiful packaging with crochet motifs.
  • 200 g

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Donkeys Milk


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