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Castelbel Ambiente White Jasmine Aromatic Candle

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Intensely floral yet delicate, alluring and unreservedly feminine, the Ambiente White Jasmin Reed Fragranced Candle makes any room smell sweet and beautiful. Great to set the mood before going for a night out!

Fragrance Note: Intense floral, fruity, sweet.

The candle can last for up to?35-40 hours and the glass can be reused as a whiskey or juice glass.



Fine gift that is also a decorative element. Softly fragrances spaces up to 20m2. It is important to read the mode of use to ensure a uniform/homogeneous burning.

All the Fragrant Candles are made of a mix of natural vegetable waxes and mineral high-grade paraffin, all blended with fragrance that includes essential oils. Wicks are made of cotton and paper, to provide the cleanest burn possible.

Packaging may be reused e.g. to store small objects (clips, staples, rubbers, coins) and the glass may be used to hold brushes, pencils, etc, after any unburnt wax is removed.

To remove remainder of the wax after burning the candle fully, you only need to put the beautiful glass jar in the freezer: with cold, any remaining pieces of wax will come off easily. Then all you have to do is to wash the jar and reuse it as you like.

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Weight 228 g

White Jasmine


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