Welcome to Castelbel's 2022 Christmas Special Sale!

Festive Xmas Set

Scented Soaps Festive Gift Set

Cracking Faces collection soaps are Christmas gifts which everyone will want in their Christmas stocking.
Scent which recalls holiday sweets! Christmas spirit in soap form!

Star Of Your Holiday Season!
Soap On A Rope With Lush Christmas Scents. Hang It On Your Christmas Tree

Geo Pop! Crackers
Just what you asked Santa! A trio of Christmas Crackers-inspired soaps adorned with Yuletide illustrations and festive colours. Don't they just make your heart melt!?

Geo Pop! Soaps-on-Ropes
An original & delightful trio, each Geo Pop! Soap-on-a-Rope is shaped like an adorable Xmas bauble.

Geo Pop! Frosty Xmas
Every stocking's favourite soap! Geo Pop! Frosty Xmas are more than mere soaps - they are charming and scented gifts, full of adorable details

Castelbel is proud to have it’s products in top hotels, resorts, clubs, malls and supermarkets all over Hong Kong.